Solutions Designed for Temporary & High Turnover Employees

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[The] plans that BIC developed for Carlton Staffing allow us to provide a benefit plan that is affordable to the entire range of our employees. As always, the staff at BIC has provided exceptional service whenever our employees have questions or concerns and they continue to make this partnership a great model of effectiveness and efficiency.

Carlton Staffing

Do Our Products Work? Find out from our clients.

Quality Personnel is a happy and loyal customer of Benefits in a Card and have been for many years . . .. We have had 0 complaints from anyone in all 6 locations. That tells me a lot!!

Quality Personnel

Do Our Products Work? Find out from our clients.

We have been doing business with Benefits in a Card for over 5 years, and outstanding customer service and providing real world solutions has been the cornerstone of our relationship.  

Greg Wilson, Benefit Resources

Do Our Products Work? Find out from our clients.

Since the inception of our relationship in 2002, Benefits In A Card has provided affordable health insurance solutions for our temporary employees. Helping us to retain these employees, who are the foundation of our success, has been the key to our rewarding association. Benefits In A Card continues to be an industry leader with their expert level of personal service and innovation. We value our partnership and appreciate the excellent service extended to us and our employees.

Michael R. Epstein, President and CEO, CoWorx Staffing Services LLC

Do Our Products Work? Find out from our clients.

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know, how appreciative I am to have a company that does such a tremendous job at servicing my client! I lost a rather large client this past January, to no fault of either Benefits in a Card or my agency, and they have already called back (within 2 months) expressing a desire to move back to Benefits in a Card! According to their testimony, the service/administration of the competitor was simply not comparable to their experiences with Benefits in a Card. We now have got our client back and I owe that, almost entirely, to the folks at Benefits in a Card. I look forward to partnering with Benefits in a Card with all my clients that find themselves in need of a competitively priced well-serviced, MEC program!

Darin E. Stanfield, Nelson Insurance Agency, Inc.

It worked for them. It can work for you.

Solutions for High Turnover Industries

Benefits in a Card is the first benefits provider to exclusively serve the staffing, healthcare and temporary employment industries. We offer ACA-compliant benefits solutions for a variety of industry segments, including manufacturing, restaurants, hospitality, assisted living, food processing, healthcare, Long Term and Post-Acute Care, Home Health Care, CCRC, and many more.


Mission Statement:

We provide your temporary and high turnover employees with quality, affordable, first dollar coverage health insurance they would not otherwise have access too.

Core Values:


  • Guided by Integrity
  • Customer is at the forefront of everything we do
  • Perform with excellence
  • Transparency


  • Motivate to innovate
  • Accountability
  • Lead people to success
  • Collaborative


  • Build a trusting relationship
  • Drive and deliver results
  • Proven process’ and workflow
  • Credible experience and brand


  • Lead partners to continued success
  • Build trusting value add relationships
  • Make it easy, eliminate “noise”
  • Commitment to excellence


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