• - Carlton Staffing,,

    I am happy to be able to share our experience with the Group Indemnity Medical (GIM) plan that Carlton Staffing has been using from Benefits in a Card. For many years we offered the BIC mini-med program to our temporary employees. While it was a bit pricey and had some limitations, it was more that most had access to at the time and many of our employees enrolled in the plan. After several years of offering this plan, and based on feedback we received from our employees, we opted to change to the GIM plan. This plan has a lower premium, and rather than an annual maximum the new plan has a per occurrence maximum. Our employees have found this plan to be easier to understand and use. Not only did they get more flexibility and no deductibles, they also saw a reduction in premium costs. Our company works with a wide range of skill sets and the customized GIM plans that BIC developed for Carlton Staffing allows us to provide a benefit plan that is affordable to the entire range of our employees. As always, the staff at BIC has provided exceptional service whenever our employees have questions or concerns and they continue to make this partnership a great model of effectiveness and efficiency.

  • - Quality Personnel Staffing,,

    Quality Personnel is a happy and loyal customer of Benefits in a Card and have been for many years. We average between 50-60 staffing employees weekly that are enrolled in the GIM Plan. They all seem to be pleased with this coverage. WE have had 0 complaints from anyone in all 6 locations. That tells me a lot!!

    We had one staffing employee who has been a temp in our office until we hired her full time recently and she was covered under this plan. When I asked her what she thought she said, “I had a good experience with it. It took me a little while and a few phone calls but it ended up covering what I needed it to. It is decent coverage just ask a lot of questions, and watch the provider list they provide online”.

  • - Rohoho, Inc. d/b/a Papa John’s Pizza,,

    This year with Benefits-In-A-Card has proven to be very beneficial to our hourly employees! Thank you so much for making the suggestion to change from the indemnity plan to the current GIM plan with Allstate.

    The two plans offered are much richer and give our employees more benefits for their money and they’re capped per specific coverage vs. the mini med plan that is capped at an annual maximum.

    We had several employees cancel their indemnity plans in 2011 because they simply weren’t satisfied with the coverage and had problems getting physicians to accept their cards!

    The new GIM I & II plans have been very successful for offering coverage to all our eligible employees with far fewer complaints.

    Thank you for your assistance in choosing the right plans for our company’s needs!


    Cindy Spires
    Human Resource Director
    Rohoho, Inc. d/b/a Papa John’s Pizza