Providing quality solutions to the staffing industry since 1992

Benefits in a Card offers best-in-class benefits solutions and customer care to our clients in a variety of industries. Our benefits are ideally suited staffing and temporary employee companies in the USA and for other industries with high turnover, such as retail, manufacturing, and hospitality.



Benefits in a Card delivers best-in-class customer care and insurance benefits solutions that are specifically designed for staffing companies and a variety of other industries across the USA. Serving the staffing industry since 1992, all of our plans are aggregated weekly and expertly implemented and managed to meet your company’s and employees’ particular needs.

Industries At A Glance

Temporary Staffing Industry

Benefits in a Card is the first insurance benefits provider to exclusively serve the temporary staffing industry. Since 1992, we have been providing best-in-class insurance and benefits solutions to temp staffing companies across the USA.


Benefits in a Card offers excellent insurance benefits for manufacturing companies of all types throughout the USA. Our insurance benefits are best-in-class and well suited for staffing companies that need to offer top quality insurance and benefits to staff in the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods industry, and beyond.

Hospitality & Tourism

From staffing hotels, nightclubs and more—Benefits in a Card provides best-in-class insurance benefits for your employees. Whether you’re offering dental, vision, term life, indemnity, or other plans, we are your top choice for your insurance and benefits offerings.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Benefits in a Card also offers the best quality benefits for staffing companies who serve hospitals, dentist offices, and other medical facilities in the USA. Our insurance and benefits are specifically designed to meet the needs of this industry, delivering top quality at affordable rates.

Assisted Living

Benefits in a Card offers insurance benefits perfectly suited for assisted living staffing companies. Whether you staff nursing homes, independent living communities, or continuous care retirement facilities, Benefits in a Card provides insurance benefits for you.

Professional & Office Staffing

Benefits in a Card offers best-in-class insurance benefits that are well suited for professional staffing companies—whether you’re staffing for call centers, accounting, finance, administrative, or call center—we offer top quality benefits and insurance to fit your employees needs.

Food & Food Processing

Fast food, food processing, consumer goods manufacturing—Benefits in a Card offers top quality insurance and benefits for companies serving the food industry in the USA. Staffing companies wishing to offer top quality benefits with best-in-class customer care need look no further than Benefits in a Card.


Benefits in a Card offers best-in-class benefits solutions for construction companies and other lower wage, higher turnover workforces. Our expertly managed insurance benefits are designed to drive higher retention and employee satisfaction.



Restaurants & Prepared Food

Our ability to offer insurance and benefits to staffing businesses extends to the restaurant and prepared food industries. Contact us to find out whether our insurance and benefits offerings are the right fit for you and your business.