Providing excellent solutions to the staffing industry since 1992.

Benefits in a Card is the first provider to exclusively serve the staffing and temporary employee industries, and we have continued to serve our customers with integrity and excellence for 23 years. Our best-in-class customer care and finely tuned insurance benefits solutions are excellently implemented and managed to meet your company’s particular needs.



For 23 years, Benefits in a Card has remained committed to our “why”: creating excellent benefits for the staffing industry to help build stronger relationships between employers and their employees. Being the very first provider to exclusively serve the staffing industry, we deliver an unmatched depth of experience, industry insight, and customer care to all of our clients.

Our Solutions At A Glance

Minimum Essential Coverage Plan

Benefits in a Card offers a Minimum Essential Coverage plan to meet your particular needs. A number of other providers have greatly struggled with managing MEC implementations—we have not! The key reason in our success is that we are equipped to aggregate, implement, and manage the plan in a way that matches the unique needs of staffing companies.


Minimum Value Plan (High Deductible)

We offer major medical coverage through our Minimum Value Plan MVPhd. This high deductible minimum value plan designed to satisfy employers A and B portion of the employer mandate and the employee’s individual mandate. Our MVPhd plan is aggregated weekly. However, this plan does carry a high-deductible for your employees.


Fixed Indemnity Plans

Our Fixed Indemnity Plans provide first-dollar coverage towards indemnity services with no deductibles or copayments. We offer three levels of indemnity plans: Basic, Enhanced, and Premier to meet your particular employee’s needs. Our indemnity plans are aggregated weekly, and our expert customer care staff excel in the implementation and management of each of these plans.


Ancillary Insurance Service Plans

Benefits in a Card gives you the ability to offer individual benefits on a truly standalone basis without a required medical election. Our ancillary services are aggregated weekly and include benefits such as term life, dental, vision, accident, critical illness, an short-term disability.