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Are your benefits working for you?

Are your benefits working for you?

September, 16th, 2019

Are your benefits working for you?

Since the ACA came into effect, many providers have only promoted an avoidance strategy when it comes to offering benefits. The goal is simple: avoid the penalties at all costs. However, very few providers have even considered whether there is a better strategy on the table.

In our sixth segment, we would like to invite you to explore a new paradigm. One that we hope will be a breath of fresh air after years of headaches and frustration, and one that we hope will set you on a new path of growth and continued success in the years ahead.

Use your benefits to grow your business

Did you know that—even under the ACA—you can actually use your benefits as part of your business growth strategy? Consider the following questions:

  • Do you suffer from very low participation in your plans? Are employees frustrated by the plans you offer? If your employees have a negative perception of your benefits, your benefits are working against you—not for you.
  • Are your benefits offerings similar to your clients? Staffing companies typically work with companies and industries that offer benefits very similar to their own. A good litmus test for the quality of your benefits is to compare them to your clients’ benefits. Is there a continuity of coverage between you and your clients? Or are you lagging far behind?
  • Do you view your benefits as a useful tool or a necessary evil? Do you dread implementation every year? Do your benefits offerings only frustrate you? If your benefits offerings are nothing but constant headaches and frustrations, it likely means you have the wrong provider. It’s your provider’s job to be the benefits expert—not you! Make sure your provider is doing the job you paid them to do.

Is there a better paradigm?

Yes! Here are just a few of the many ways that you can start to use your benefits to grow your business.

  • Start using your benefits as a recruitment tool. Quality benefits make your company attractive to employees and clients alike. Your reputation and business is built on the quality of the people that work for you. Rather than implementing plans that have
  • Partner with a provider that frees you up to grow your business. Perhaps the simplest way to grow your business is to choose the right partner.

Choose the right partner.

Since 1992 Benefits in a Card has been creating excellent benefits for the staffing industry to help build stronger relationships between employers and their employees. In an ever-changing industry—we are pushing the envelope to find new ways to help you reach your goals. For information, call 800-908-1702 ext. 191.